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Bernhardt Riley has successfully defended clients against debt collection lawsuits in the Tampa Bay area for more than two decades. Bernhardt Riley has tough and aggressive advocates who will fight to protect your rights, whether you owe or not!

Debt Defense Tampa Bay
Debt Defense

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Debt defense lawyer in Palm Harbor, the legal counsel at Bernhardt Riley, represents clients in various bankruptcy, debt collection, harassment, and foreclosure defenses in Palm Harbor. A debt collection lawsuit against you may seem like a challenge that you cannot win or afford, these lawsuits are very winnable and can be surprisingly affordable.

If the entity suing you is a debt-buyer (not the original creditor), you have even more potential defenses at your disposal. Bernhardt Riley brings extensive experience as debt defense lawyers in Palm Harbor, after having previously represented many collection companies.

Nowadays numerous obligation authorities are utilizing unjustifiable, unscrupulous, and even ILLEGAL strategies to gather their obligations. In the event that you are being harassed by collection agents, or obligation-gatherers, it could benefit you to seek the advice of debt defense attorneys in Clearwater to know whether they are violating the law and/or running a scam.

Debt Defense

At Bernhardt Riley, our debt defense attorneys in Tampa will make sure that you are safe from false allegations. Bernhardt Riley debt defense lawyers in Tampa make it an even playing field! With the insight of a former collection agency attorney serving as your debt defense lawyer in Tampa, you are much more likely to achieve a successful outcome. As debt defense attorneys in Palm Harbor, we defend many cases across the entire state of Florida. We welcome a call to discuss your case, even if you’re not in the Tampa Bay area

Bernhardt Riley evens the playing field!

Have a former collection attorney represent your debt defense. We defend many debt cases across the entire state of Florida. Call us to discuss your case, even if you’re not in the Tampa Bay area.

Do I need a debt collection lawyer?

Stop letting debt collectors steal what you want! Can I hire a lawyer for debt? Some cases do not require the assistance of a lawyer. Seeing debt collectors can be terrifying. You could forget your debts or have hoped they wouldn’t get away with you. If you think the creditors can recover your debts or sue, you might want to ask yourself whether you need help. A good lawyer can help you defend your claim and help you to get an effective settlement.

Evaluate the cost of hiring an attorney vs. the cost of your debt

It can cost you a lot of money for lawyers to hire. Although the defense is effective, the amount you should owe can also be considered. Ask your attorney about whether your debts are worth paying. A lawyer can help with settling small debts without you owing the full amount unless you paid. A final thing should be mentioned that your owings can increase as the creditor seeks a judgment against you. You must pay the legal fees and court costs as well as some interest. Having an attorney is usually a wise move for people with a lot to lose.

Are debt collectors threatening you? Is it embarrassing? Is it crazy????

Bernhardt Riley recognizes that by contacting debt collectors, you can receive threatening emails or text messages from them. Increasing numbers of credit bureau employees are relying on fraudulent or illegal means to collect. When your debt collector harasses you illegally–Bernhardt Riley will assist in addressing your situation.

Can you file a credit card or other debt collection lawsuit? Call an experienced debt defense attorney

Can we sue our creditors for our debts? Bernhardt Riley has represented clients in Florida defending the rights of consumers in the case against card holder debtors and their lawyers. Bernhardt Riley, a debt defense law firm, can take care of your situation in any way for free consultation to discover what you can accomplish. Even after losing your wage or receiving a default sentence you need to call our firm to discuss your situation.

How does credit card debt collection work?

Unless a credit card company can make a payment without your consent, credit card issuers may start collecting your money in the process. These usually result in several letters and call attempts for payment from the customer to get you to pay them back.

More than 95 per cent of card fraud claims are pending, and the firm could be awarded default judgments. These businesses know the problem and often file wrongfully erroneously pending litigations with little or no consideration of legal procedures, illegally collecting debts. Don’t accept the cost of debt recovery. Get in touch immediately.

Florida debt collection lawyer | Unfair Debit Collection Attorneys Tampa

The state has one of the highest rates of bankruptcy cases and the highest unemployment rates. This circumstance makes it so difficult to live in an income-producing society. Sometimes it can feel like a choice between payment or putting food on the table. Sometimes this can result from a harassed or aggressive creditor or debt collector. You don’t even need to endure harassment when the bill doesn’t go through the bill. There are strict laws aimed at halting unjust debt collection.

Know Your Rights with Debt Collectors

Even when you have no money in your bank account you have some rights. If you contact creditors or debt collection, they will treat you respectfully. Unfortunately too often borrowers engage in abusive, harassing, deceptive, and downright illegal ways to collect money. The laws of the state and national governments also give consumers the right to seek damages.

Tell me the most common credit card fraud defense in Florida?

Depending upon the credit card companies actions against the customer, legal options exist that could protect them against paying all of their creditors’ demands.

Decide if You Need a Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Do you have a counterclaim?

Another option which might be influential when considering legal representation is to have a good counter claim. Counter claims involve claims against creditors. This often occurs where creditors violate FDCA rules. Under this act several laws prohibit creditors from harassing and intimidating your customers. Even if you have no defense, by filing a counterclaim you can receive compensation. These funds may cover the debt or be used by a debt collection agency in order to get you notified of the withdrawal of your case.

Do you owe money?

If you owe the legal debts a collector seeks, you might not want an attorney. This could cause unnecessary waste. Unless borrowers can prove the claims against the debtor, they lose the lawsuit. So you don’t have to pay your judgments. Aside from all this, you’ll get a fee from a legal firm. Alternatively you might have to take out debt collection attorneys fees.

Do you have a valid defense?

The defense will show the reason behind the non-recovery, and find a legitimate reason why creditors cannot collect legally. Depending on what defense you use, the best way is to seek legal representation for you. Bernhardt Riley provides defenses in debt recovery cases.

When Do You Need a Debt Collection Defense Lawyer?

If you’re being pursued by a debt collector, you may be wondering if you need a debt collection defense lawyer. The answer depends on a few factors. For example, do you think the debt is valid? If you don’t believe you owe, or if you think the amount being sought is incorrect, you may not need a lawyer. On the other hand, if valid and you’re struggling to make payments, a lawyer may be able to help negotiate with the creditor on your behalf.

How do I respond to a summons for debt in Florida?

If you have received a summons in Florida, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you should determine whether or not you actually owe the debt in question. If you do not owe, you can file a Motion to Dismiss with the court. However, if you do owe, you will need to file an Answer with the court. Once you have filed your Answer, you will need to attend a hearing where both sides will present their evidence. After the hearing, the judge will make a decision and issue a judgment.

What is Consumer debt defense?

Consumer debt defense is the practice of helping customers who are being pursued by creditors. Our goal as an organization is to protect consumers from abusive practices and make sure they do not suffer financially because of something that was not their fault, like financial difficulties caused through no choice on behalf or inability/unwillingness by them to timely pay back loans which were originated at fair prices but had since increased in value due largely negotiable high-interest rates charged over time.

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As the former lead litigator for a large collection law firm, Stephen M. Bernhardt knows exactly how to attack a debt collectors case and protect your rights.

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