Winning a Debt Defense Case

BERNHARDT RILEY Winning a Debt Defense Case If you win your case against the entity suing you, THEY PAY YOUR ATTORNEY’S FEES in the following circumstances: 1. You’ve been sued and you hired an attorney. You must have actually hired an attorney, the court will not award attorney’s fees to an unrepresented individual. 2. The … Read More

Credit Card or Financed Purchase

BERNHARDT RILEY Credit Card or Financed Purchase If you have been sued by a company trying to collect on an alleged debt based on a credit card or financed purchase, you are not alone. The courts are flooded with these types of lawsuits. Companies are attempting to collect debts in mass quantities. This means that … Read More

Car Loan Debt

BERNHARDT RILEY Car Loan Debt Auto deficiency lawsuits can be very difficult for the company suing you to prove. Sometimes these types of suits arise several years after the car is turned-in to the dealership. Thus, the company suing you might not have all the necessary documents in their possession, nor have they the ability … Read More

Debt Collection Harassment

BERNHARDT RILEY Debt Collection Harassment Collection companies are governed by strict rules and regulations. These regulations are intended to protect consumers from deceptive and harassing collection efforts. Violations may occur if collection companies: Contacted you after you requested not to be contacted Contacted you in a manner in which you have requested not to be … Read More